Holle Food Pouches: 6 months, pack of 3 (with purchase)


Holle Food Pouches, 3 x 90g, 6+ months  

1.) Holle Fruit Pure Apple with Carrot and Parsnip Pouch

Ingredients: Apple* 55%, carrot* 30%, parsnip* 15%

*From biodynamic farming

2.) Holle Fruit Pure Carrot, Mango, Banana and Pear Pouch

Ingredients: Carrot* 40%, mango* 20%, banana* 20%, concentrated lemon juice**

*From biodynamic farming

**From certified organic farming

3.) Holle Organic Fruit Pure Apple with Blueberry and Date Pouch

Ingredients: Apple* 75%, blueberry** 15%, date** 10% (total Demeter 75%)

*From biodynamic agriculture

**From organic farming