Bimbosan Organic Prontosan


Bimbosan Organic Prontosan, 300g, 5+ onward

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Ingredients:  Cereal flour * 95% (rice (IT), wheat (CH), barley (EU), corn (IT), millet (EU)), barley malt extract * 3% (EU), low fat cocoa powder *, fennel and chamomile powder *, Antioxidant (strong tocopherol- containing extracts), Vitamin B1
* Contains Gluten
* Raw material from controlled biological production

From Bimbosan: With Organic Prontosan we have made a popular classic even better. The extremely nourishing bottle supplement and pap with its unique recipe is now free from sugar supplements and all raw materials used are of the highest organic quality. This makes Organic Prontosan even more exquisite and delicious. Enriched with a little cocoa, fennel and camomile powder, Organic Prontosan is especially well suited as an evening bottle for sleeping through the night or as a morning bottle for a satisfying start to the day. Organic Prontosan is suitable for preparation in bottles and paps once your child is over 5 months of age and no longer fills up just on milk.

1 transparent measuring spoon = 2g (only in the tin)

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