Bimbosan Organic Millet


Bimbosan Organic Millet, 400g, 6+ onward

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Organic Millet (formerly called Bio-Hirsana) is a gluten-free, all-natural bottle supplement and pap made from certified organic millet. The highest quality millet is used in this product. It is organically farmed and processed in compliance with the strictest organic “Bud” rules. Bimbosan Organic Millet does not contain any granulated sugar and is suitable for bottles and paps once your child is 4 months of age and no longer fills up just on milk. Organic Millet helps to loosen your baby’s stool. Millet is also known for strong hair, beautiful skin and fingernails.

Ingredients: Organic millet flour * 99.9% from guaranteed organic cultivation, antioxidants (tocopherol-rich extracts), vitamin B1

1 transparent measuring spoon = 3g (only in the tin)